Narz was a dissapointment tonight...

>> Feb 20, 2009

Just got back home after a party night out in Bangkok. Unfortunately Narcissus had to close at 3.30 because the men in brown showed up. It's the first time it has happened since I started going there but I guess here in Thailand you never know. The management promised that tomorrow things will be back to normal and they will be open until 6 am again. I guess someone got greedy since things are starting to pick up there. I also got thrown of my beat a little when I ended up in the middle of a fight between two Thai guys. Apparently one of them was a big-shot so the other guy disappeared quickly. No bruses or scars to show though...

We went on to tunnel and it was rocking! A lot of people and good music. Off course when we got there I would have been happy anywhere with all the love I was feeling. ;-P

CYA! Bed time, have to recharge for tonight.


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