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>> Feb 18, 2009

So I've been doing some research. There are a lot of "make money from home", "make money online" and "get rich quick" schemes out there. They seem all to be focused around creating traffic to your website where the visitor will hopefully click on your sneakily places advertisement to make money for you. One way seems to build a lot of websites focusing around different popular subjects and cross linking these. Another seems to be to sell more or less useless ebooks on ebay. Yet another seems to be to make ebooks and upload them to torrent sites. These books are off course littered with links to follow.

I am in need of money so I will jump on this wagon also :-)

How ever I will not pester this blog with a lot of useless information, I will create another one! Here it is: Money Making Blogs, Exposed As you can see I will tell you every step I take to see if this works. That way you will also be able to judge for yourself if this is something for you. If it is, please help me out with a donation or by clicking on one of my ads...

I will also add this new blog to my bloglist.


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Due to some personal problems my monetary situation is a bit tight. I started this blog as a way to ventilate my thoughts and with the hope to make some extra income, that has yet to be seen though. ;-P

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