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>> Feb 28, 2009

I'm still a bit worn out after my birthday party. Actually I feel like a pile of shit that someone stepped in.

Looks like Thailand is stepping up it's efforts to get the tourists back. Maybe the key is not to cooperate with Malaysia and Indonesia about marketing but to improve the situation for foreigners who want to live, work or retire in the kingdom?

Growth Triangle tourism cooperation

As long as Thailand keeps treating visitors like valets and not like people the number of tourists going to Malaysia and Indonesia will keep increasing on Thailand's expense. People trying to work, retire or buy a second home in Thailand will off course tell their friends back home about the hassle and they will more likely choose to go to one of the neighboring countries with more foreigner friendly legislation. I don't understand how this can be so hard to understand??

This article in the Bangkok Post was a bit amusing. Especially after the discussion on the Farang speaks to much blog last week.


That will have to be it for today.


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