Another Dirty night out in Bangkok.

>> Feb 26, 2009

A friends girlfriend came up to Bangkok yesterday morning to do some business and to make a police report about some guy who took her money but never delivered the goods she bought from him last time she was in Bangkok. Apparently she had to come all the way to Bangkok from Ko Tao to see the police here because she payed by a bank transfer from a bank here. The police in Ko Tao wouldn't help her but she is Thai so she thinks this is normal.

Anyways, last time she was here we didn't get a chance to go out with her so we thought we'd remedy that now. After arguing with my girlfriend for an hour about where to go on a Wednesday night we ended up at Bed Supperclub, her choice. It was a lot of people, as usual, but I really don't like that place. Most people who go there would drown if they went outside in the rainy season because they have their noses so far up in the air they would fill up with water. But as we were late getting out, after midnight, we didn't have much choice. RCA is a bit to far from where I live to just pop over for a quickie and Thong Lor / Ekkamai was soon closing. And they did have alcohol in Bed also. After a good first tip to the very cute bartender the strength of our drinks vastly increased. I don't understand cheap tippers, but I guess they get what they pay for. Finally it was after 2 am and I could convince the girls to go to Narcissus. :-) There is still not many people there on the week nights but it's getting better. Last night I made friends with some apparently very "big" and "bad" Thais that had seen me there partying many times and had seen that I was friendly with the staff. One of the girls who knows them, and us, draged me over to them so they could say hello. She was repeating over and over that I was a great guy and a "good" Farang, whatever that means. A quick thought in the back of my mind made me double check my money though. They seem like a nice bunch as long as you are on their friendly side and you never know when "bad" acquaintances can come in handy. Just after 4 am our friend wanted to go home and offered to take a taxi back to our place on her own. My girlfriend, who at that time was very drunk, wouldn't have it but said that we should all go together. I was just getting loved up and enjoying myself but I didn't fight about it. Surprisingly enough I could actually fall asleep without any help and slept for a good 7 hours.

Night graded at a 5 on the decadence scale. Will have to do better tomorrow since it's my birthday.


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