Mai sabai

>> Feb 22, 2009

I think today the last 3 weeks of partying is catching up with me. Bangkok can be one crazy place with too easy access to girls, booze and drugs... Not much is going to get done today but nursing myself. Maybe a few movies and a pizza will help? I'm getting quite bored with the noodles my girlfriend loves to buy hundred meters from our condo. Pizza it is. Food by phone here I come.


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Due to some personal problems my monetary situation is a bit tight. I started this blog as a way to ventilate my thoughts and with the hope to make some extra income, that has yet to be seen though. ;-P

My personal Bangkok hotspot toplist

1. Narcissus
2. Bed Supperclub
3. Lucky VII
4. Slim in RCA
5. S23, no people but a great band.

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