Party night in Bangkok!

>> Feb 6, 2009

So, it's time for another night out. My friend Mark has a friend visiting from one of the islands down south. She is the girlfriend of a mutual friend and had to do a visa run to Lao and will now stay in Bangkok a few days. We are going to have to show her the town!

I'm a little fazed when going out with mixed company, boys and girls. Usually I like to see some skin when I'm liquoring up but she probably won't be into it the way we are. Looks like we are off to RCA for a soft start and then on to Scratch Dog or Narcissus. Any tips on where to go with mixed groups are more than welcome!

I will give you a review of the night tomorrow and will also rank it on my scale of decadence 1-10. I don't have my hopes up to high though... She seems like a nice girl. ;-P


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1. Narcissus
2. Bed Supperclub
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